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Announcement in advance of 2017 Vietnam Expo

  • Date:2017-10-25 9:12:48
  • Source:Raetts High Speed Centrifugal Blower
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  2017 Vietnam Expo

2017 Vietnam Expois organized by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ministry of industry and trade per year. The exhibition provide an important chance to trade between domestic and foreign enterprises,but also recommend new products to the enterprise, provides a good platform for new technologies.
2017 Vietnam Expo is highly concerned by the Vietnam government and all sectors of the society.it is the one of Vietnam's large scale with strong influence and high internationalization degree,the influence is equal to the Canton Fair in China.
as the most competitive leader in industrial Blower and Air Flow Drying Solutions Systems,we will show the lastest RAETTS HIGH SPEED CENTRIFUGAL BLOWER and High Efficiency up to 95% focus on Drinks Industrial Air Knife to the customers.

      Warmly welcome you to visit our booth of Lb17 and Lb18,Lb21 and Lb22.