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Raetts High Speed Centrifugal Blower working for Cestbon

  • Date:2017-11-15 9:20:25
  • Soure:Raetts High Speed Centrifugal Blower
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Raetts super Blower is the leader Air Knife Drying systems,has partnered with Cestbon, it help Cestbon saving 2millions kwh of electricity with professional team tailored solutions.
         Raetts Spider Arm Air Knife Drying Systems is developed for the beverage product drying industry,using Raetts super Blower as the gas source.The unique transmission technology can improve the speed of blower to 20000 rpm, efficiency up to 77%,we using 1 sets of 5.5KW High Speed Centrifugal Blower to replace 3sets 5.5KW high-pressure blower with Spider Arm Air Knife,drying the bottle according to the shape of the bottle body 360 degrees,after drying,there is no water residue and the residual moisture content is less than 0.2g.

 Cestbon is satified with our drying systems and we will give us new order of 500sets.23.jpg


Raetts high speed centrifugal blower used in this case